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Firdhaus Malik

o LIVE IN THE MOMENT 1080x719 - The Moment

The Moment

So how are you at this very moment,

if you think that you’re lucky, think again

if you feel like losing your mind, balance it
if you hate yourself, don’t, treasure it
if you lose something, seek it, or just replace it

there’s a solution to all
if you can’t find one, just wait
and wait and wait ?
don’t seek advice from some cocky minds,
they don’t care about you,

if you don’t believe in God, just screw you,
try to live your life to the fullest as you say you do,
and die in vain you stupid kangaroo.…

1213Eyes SC - Introspective


“Look me in the eyes, and tell me what you see”

“I see you looking at me”

You know, when you highly depend on your eyes to see something,
you might end up being deceived by your own imagination,
because when we look at something,
we tend to make an assumption, to justify the things that we saw,

and that’s why we always blamed others for their fault,
and hardly realized just how faulty we are,

because our eyes are directed towards others, not ourselves.…

pexels photo 1820143 1080x564 - Black and White

Black and White

On the top or down under,

they may seem like a contradiction, two different things,

yet indeed they are just the same,
two same entities showing a little bit different of reflection.

Either black or white,
neither black nor white,
you may add color to your life, any color that you want,
but in the end it will only be black and white.

Chess is more than just a game.…

impossible - Hardypossible


When something is so hard to be done, it doesn’t really mean that it’s impossible,

it’s just hardypossible (hard yet possible)

So what’s so different about it, about this hardypossible thing?

Actually it only means that you just have to give your extra efforts,
think more positively in the better kind of way and be more confident with yourself.

It is true when people say “you may not get everything that you want”,
but it is also true that “you have to want the best of your life and put faith in getting it”,
to put it simple, “get what you want,

and be happy with everything that you’ve got”.…

hispanic woman sleeping with empty thought bubble 166835314 5b33980ec9e77c001a7d7459 - Dream


Again, dreamt of my friends,

Late Ammar was holding a feast for us,
Aman was there, studying with Irfan?
I think I saw Eckm too within the crowd.

It might be just a dream,
or it might hold a true meaning,
whichever you believe, it’ll definitely not going to change the black and white world of dream.

Do you see color in your dreams?

“There is no experimental proof I have seen of this, but researchers agree that most dreams are in color. However, because the dream fades so quickly after we awake, our memories of the dream are often recalled in gray tones. – Richard Wilkerson, Dream Educator”

No I don’t.…

a long lonely road kerry kralovic - Lonely Road

Lonely Road

When you’re going straight in a one way road,

you may say that you’re alone,
but do you not believe there are people far in front and right behind you?

The road seems lonely,
your move getting slower eventually,

One thing you’ll miss,
the felicity at the end of the road,
where there are people who walked straight and arrived,
celebrating the people who never stop and follow their path,

yes the road may seem lonely,

but in the end you’ll be happy.…