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Trashy 5th

Trashy 5th

15 Malaysia has reached its 5th video release,
and seriously I think this one is a total rubbish.

1. Don’t push yourself too hard to make a joke that you believe it is a joke,
2. Don’t make a lame joke,
3. Which is not funny,
4. What’s with the sexy body woman, I don’t find it significant,
5. Don’t make a joke, you’re not good at it.

and the important you need to truly understand the true color of joke and don’t make yourself a stupid body with soul.

babibabibabibabibabi – ops you’ll understand me if you watch the video here.

“Satu daging satu Malaysia, video bodoh x boleh bla”

*btw my proper Arabic (Arab Fushah) is quite rotten now, but,
is it Allahumma Ballighna Lailatal Qadr @ Allahumma Ballighna Lailatul Qadr?
because I think the former is the right one, correct my wrongness.

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