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August 6, 2021

Unifi Malaysia

Get Secured with Unifi Malaysia

Even with sophisticated reporting tools, compromising images or opinions have time to circulate the Internet and destroy your online reputation. For young people who are looking for a job, this unwanted content and photos can seriously damage their reputation on the web and therefore their careers. Recruiters and bosses regularly consult social networks to find out about the profile of their candidates or their employees. “Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed”. This adage is all the more valid on the web. We have had recent examples of this information overload of the Internet, with young newly elected deputies whose old abusive judgments have been found and brought to the attention of all and have destroyed their e-reputation.

Unifi Malaysia - Get Secured with Unifi Malaysia

What Can be Done

It is advisable, especially for young people, to use social networks with moderation and caution, and not to expose your most intimate life.

In this regard, a specialized agency like us can, when looking for a job, help young people to clean their various accounts of anything that could compromise their current recruitment and their future career.

We often wrongly speak of a “digital revolution”. The Internet is not at the origin of a revolution but of a profound change in our habits and in society. The internet has not only changed the rules of the working world, but has also altered our relationship with privacy and with others. In the era of everything connected, e-reputation has therefore become a major issue. The use of the Unifi Malaysia can offer the right security that is hoped for.

Call on an agency specializing in e-reputation

Are you a company and want to promote your employer brand? Are you a leader and want to improve your image online? We have been supporting companies and executives in improving their online reputation on Google for nearly 10 years. Contact us to benefit from our e-reputation services: our experts support you in enhancing and monitoring your online reputation. They establish a strategy to improve your brand image through an in-depth analysis of your presence on Google.

Last Words

Waiting forever in your Internet browser in front of an empty page and a spinning hourglass? Put up with jerks on Netflix? Have to undergo robotic voices on Skype? People who have seen themselves confronted with such situations and therefore everyone knows that this is a sign of a too slow Internet connection.…