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Guides to Help You Store Dry Goods Efficiently and Safely

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For the most of my time working in regulatory affairs, we paid little attention to how dry goods were stored since no one ever brought it up. In order to be in compliance with the rules, the facility had to be maintained “broom clean” and devoid of visible insect and rodent pests, and the food had to be correctly labelled, protected from overhead leaking, and protected from other possible sources of contamination. 

Of course, we’d bring up common problems like removing damaged cans of food or scoops left in dried ingredients despite the fact that their handles were caked with product due to moisture and handling, and refusing to remove or ordering the destruction of food that had been infested with insects or rodents. Choosing the dry food storage containers malaysia is most essential there.

Foods that are rotated

The best advice for getting the most out of a dry goods warehouse is to rotate, rotate, and rotate some more. Everything from the food you buy at the grocery store to the packaging it comes in should be date-stamped. Storage foods can’t become any better, but they may surely get worse if they’ve been sitting about for a long time. A common abbreviation for “first in, first out” is FIFO, which stands for “first in, first out.” Placing food in a storage room demands some ingenuity and skill to make the most of this principle in practice. This information, as well as information on how long the food will last after it has been received, should be readily available in case of an emergency.


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Storage facilities should be kept cold, dry, and well-ventilated. 50 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit is the optimal temperature. It becomes worse as the temperature rises. Temperature is the most critical element in determining how long well-dried goods may be stored. For a temperature increase of 18 degrees Fahrenheit or 10 degrees Celsius, the shelf life of most commodities is decreased by half. It is feasible to extend a reasonable estimate of shelf life from room temperature all the way down to freezing temperatures, even though this statement has a limit. 

The Reverse Choices

If the reverse is true, there’s no doubt about that. Certain commodities, such as fruits and root crops, benefit from a reduction in the production of ethylene, a naturally occurring ripening factor. Cool storage minimizes enzyme degradation and respiratory activity, as well as internal water loss and the development of decay-causing organisms. It also reduces enzyme breakdown and respiratory activity in certain foods.

As part of an overall plan to maintain an optimal temperature, it has been advised that enough ventilation be provided (some air exchange rate is absolutely essential). There must also be no heat-generating equipment or components, such as uninsulated steam and water pipelines, water heaters; transformers; refrigerated condensing units; and steam generators in the storage.


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Relative humidity should be less than 15% in storage areas in an ideal world. Unless you live in the desert, you should consider installing a dehumidifier or air conditioning during the times of year when humidity levels are at their maximum. Another option is to use packaging that is resistant to water and humidity. There would be no need to select one over the other in a perfect world.…

Disposable Nursing Pads Malaysia
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4 Approaches: Twitter Destroyed My Breast Pads Without Me Discovering

These pads are suitable for moms who do not breastfeed their infants and can assist pad a routine bra making it comfier and for much better wear under clothes. Because it influenced me to write this post to help brand-new mothers prepare for breastfeeding, I am quite glad I did. It’s generally heaviest quickly after your infant’s birth, so throughout this time, you might attempt ultra-absorbent non reusable nursing pads developed to deal with heavy breast milk leak – in addition to breastfeeding and pumping milk routinely. Nevertheless, after this early phase, many mums experience less heavy breast milk leaks and choose a more ecologically friendly choice, where Safe & Dry ™ Washable bra pads can assist. It appeared to have a sticky side also to assist hold the pad in location.

The familiar brand names that I utilize are thin, and I do not have anything to hold them in my nursing bra. They ran out of my familiar brand name, so I needed to buy another brand name. Philips Avent Nursing Pad Evaluation – I purchased these one day since Walmart ran out of the normal brand name of breast pads that I was purchasing. The Lansinoh Disposable Breast Pads with Blue Lock, these breast pads are comparable to Philips Avent; nevertheless, they are more costly. Gerber Nuk Nursing Pad Evaluation – They are less expensive compared to many brand names; nevertheless, after utilizing several other brand names, these do not take in as much milk. Nevertheless, not all non reusable breast pads are dealt with similarly. It’s not to be taken internally however is rather used topically to the anal location in the kind of witch hazel distilled liquid, lotion, or medicated pads.

Best Breast Pads - 4 Approaches: Twitter Destroyed My Breast Pads Without Me Discovering

When breastfeeding, Hydrogel disposable nursing pads Malaysia are specifically used for pain relief concerns that you might experience. Pregnancy is a frustrating and changing experience for any female. Many breastfeeding mums experience some level of dripping breast milk, which might even begin when they’re pregnant. Numerous mums believe they are  in reality, they have been explained as breastfeeding basics! These breast pads likewise have sticky tape on the behind of the pad so that you can quickly connect it to your bra so that it does not fall or move out of your bra. The Lansinoh Disposable Breast Pads with Blue Lock likewise has sticky tape on the behind of the breast pad so that you can stick the breast pad in your nursing bra to keep it from walking around or falling out. This may be a good function to have because it’s quite awkward when a nursing pad folds up and falls out of your t-shirt onto the flooring.

It fails to consider which brand name of non reusable nursing pads I had. However, in the long run, washable breast pads are far better. High heels are constantly chosen to provide the user the much-required beauty. These pads provide the most very little protection possible without being exposed under there. The pads are extremely absorbent, and I do not get up in the early mornings with damp clothing. LilyPadz are various kinds of recyclable breast pads – they are made from silicone instead of an absorbent product. Nursing breast pad 10 has a multi-layer structure and consists of an inner absorbent layer 12 in contact with the female’s breast and an external layer 18. The inner absorbent layer 12 and the external layer 18 might be bonded together by traditional methods such as traditional thermal bonding.

Disposable Nursing Pads Ultra Thin Breastfeeding Pads Light and Highly Absorbent Breast Pads - 4 Approaches: Twitter Destroyed My Breast Pads Without Me Discovering
family medicine course in Malaysia
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Family Medicine Course In Malaysia

A family medicine course is a course that typically takes a minimum of 3 years to complete. Students will be trained in all aspects of general practice, emergency and critical care as well as preventive health care. Traditional medical institutions also offer family medicine courses. These are typically 1-year long programmes that are open to anyone who has completed secondary education and has good English skills. They provide students with an understanding of the human body, communication skills and an introduction to medical terminology and concepts.  A family medicine course in Malaysia is a three-year professional degree program that provides education on how to practice family medicine. It also includes medical ethics, economics of health, decision-making and communication skills.

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The first two years of the program are theoretical, while the third year is more practical. Students will be able to work in the community as well as hospitals. This course is also suitable for those who want to do a clinical rotation in public hospitals or for those who are planning on practicing abroad. The family medicine course in Malaysia is a one-year full time course that provides the knowledge and skills necessary for the aspiring medical professional to practice as a family physician. Malaysia offers a family medicine course as a medical degree program. This course is offered by the Faculty of Medicine and Healthcare Sciences at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia. The course curriculum has been designed to create competent physicians who can play an integral role in healthcare services.

The primary goal of the course is to produce graduates with a good quality of medical knowledge, skills, and attitudes in the context of family medicine practice. The family medicine course in Malaysia is a full-time program that takes around two years to complete. The course is delivered by the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Malaya, which provides students with general medical knowledge and skills. The course has been designed to meet the needs of today’s practice, with a curriculum that aims to hone in on practical education for students who wish to be part of primary care teams. The course also offers a particular focus on community medicine and public health.

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The FAMM (Familial Association for Medical Missions) provides scholarships for students who are interested in the field but cannot afford to study abroad. Malaysia offers a wide range of medical courses. The country is home to many renowned medical institutions, some of which are government-funded while others have private funding. The family medicine course in Malaysia can be taken as a departmental degree or as an integrated course with other courses like midwifery and general practice. Malaysia has one of the best healthcare systems in the world, it is ranked sixth out of 191 countries by the World Health Organization (WHO). The medical school in Malaysia offers a family medicine course that prepares students for a variety of career options. It leads to a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) degree.

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breastfeeding back support pillow
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Do nursing pillows really help your process in breastfeeding the baby?

For moms not used to breastfeeding their children, a nursing pillow may be appropriate. Mother’s nursing pillows are also known as “feeding pillows,” so that babies may easily reach the nipples and suck. They provide further assistance to the baby. The pillow also preserves the posture of the mom upright. But a nursing pillow serves many additional uses, rather than only breastfeeding. For every mother, this multifunctional gadget is a must. How can a pillow help otherwise?

Provides assistance back.

With buying a breastfeeding pillow, you don’t have to wait until the child is born. When you are pregnant, the breastfeeding back support pillow can assist you tremendously. In particular, your baby and tummy may be heavy and bulkier throughout the last quarter of pregnancy. You can put your nursing cushion along the lower back when you sit on a couch or chair. This would preserve your sitting position erect while coating your back with sitting pressure. The foam, size and shape of the pillow would provide the support for your back to avoid a long-term development of soreness.

Relieves the strain from your C-section scar for easy cure.

A Caesarean procedure may be required for some mothers. It will take many weeks for the external scar to heal, meaning that if you breastfeed you should not tense too much. Your infant can be fidgety, or you might be too tall to keep your baby straight when you nurse. In both circumstances, a disruption in the core of your body’s mass may result in backache and pressure on your abdomen. You must sit when you nurse your infant if you were under a C-section. Use your young baby’s nursing pillow as a bed during breastfeeding.

Assist your baby with practicing her stomach, neck, and shoulders.

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Babies must spend time raking or laying on their bellies during their day. Gravity would push your infant to remain stable on the belly, neck, and shoulders of your baby while the baby’s stomach is flat on bed or on the floor. You can also workout your lungs while you’re breathing. A nursing pillow might make your infant feel comfortable while they’re lying on the stomach.

Provide your baby with reflux relief.

After feeding, some new-borns have reflux or colic. Sudden increases of captured gas and stomach acids might lead to reflux, which can irritate your child. The vomit or saliva can block their passageways so that a nursing pillow can be used to propel them after they have been fed to prevent reflux.

Aids with bottle-feeding.

When you feed your tiny one on your bottle, your arms, neck and upper back can strain. A breastfeeding pillow decreases the distance and angle you need when feeding your baby.…

molasses supplier Malaysia

Sugar Alternatives To Try Out

If you are a whizz in the kitchen– whether it’s baking, cooking or even making drinks by the bar, looking for the best ingredients is the next step to enhancing your food. If you want to make your foods a bit healthier by reducing the sugars in them, look into natural sugars that can give you better results and tastes than artificial ones. There are several benefits to using natural sugars as opposed to manufactured ones. They not only go through less processing, they can also be sweeter than their man-made counterparts. Many use artificial sweeteners for health reasons, but if this is not a concern then there are many options to try out.

Maple Syrup

A go-to favourite in baking, especially, is maple syrup. What we love about maple syrup is how light it is when it is mixed into a dish. It is tasty and very accommodating of other flavours. Extracted from the maple tree, it is an easy ingredient to find in your grocery store. It is presented in a rich, golden-brown colour and tastes amazing even as a topping for ice-cream, pancakes and popcorn. The best part is that it is affordable in most countries, though some are not home to the maple tree and, thus, resort to importing. It’s a brilliant alternative to cane sugar if you want to try something new. 

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Honey is another great alternative. This one is a bit more distinct than maple syrup and, therefore, the taste can be picked up in some dishes. The smell is extravagant, too. Honey is very accessible and many countries produce their own if they have a healthy bee population. Honey is a good addition as a topping for ice cream, pancakes. It acts as a worthy ingredient in cakes and banana breads. Combined with the sweetness of banana, it is no wonder that many love to use honey and banana together. Honey is also proven to have medicinal properties to tackle coughs and tight chests. It’s is extracted from honey combs of bees and is often done safely to prevent damage to the bees so that they continue producing honey from the nectar they collect. 


Straight from a molasses supplier Malaysia, you can get this delicious sweetener at affordable prices to add to your dishes to give them a rich texture and sweetness. Molasses can be dark in colour; a rich dark chocolate brown. It is extracted from sugar cane juice, which is why it is sweet and thick. The best molasses is used to make hard boiled candies and added to food for that extra sweetness. Molasses also comes with health benefits including nutrients like iron and many anti-oxidants. Molasses is often very sweet and therefore less is required than other sweetening agents. It is not as readily available as other sweeteners, but if you are experimenting you should certainly give it a shot in your cooking.…

Dr. Clo Malaysia

Your New Protection From Covid-19: Dr. Clo Malaysia

It is almost two years since we are first heard about COVID-19. Back then, we do not even know what the pandemic even means. Now, we have never been more careful than the A virus influenza. Can you imagine the lifestyle that this current pandemic has stolen from us? No more trips to hometown, no regular meet-ups with friends, even the jogging session being postponed for almost months now. And what about the jobs and safety? 

Work from home is sure not for everyone, yet we are still trying to squeeze in this new norm. Though the signs of the new sun of hope are slowly rising as the vaccine is now available and being distributed everywhere, not all nation has crossed the finish line. Going outside now is like preparing for war. You will put on your mask, hand sanitizer, and whatnot. It is part of people’s alternative against the virus. One of the big things now that people are talking about is Dr. Clo Malaysia

mask wearing subway crowd - Your New Protection From Covid-19: Dr. Clo Malaysia

Dr. Clo has FDA-registered Class 1 Hospital and these strong sticks are designed to protect you from viruses and bacteria while you’re on the go. Equipped with proprietary nanotechnology and has a 50-day lifespan, the sticks work perfectly to keep the air clean and safe and leaves no chemical residue on any surface. The sticks will sterilize and remove the electromagnetic barrier from detected bad substances. Dr. Clo will effectively stop their growth and cleansing the atmosphere and was created to safeguard our loved ones from the germs that are present in our environment. The product has been thoroughly tested by Korea’s R7D and Japan’s Hygiene and Microbiology Research Center. Plus, they’re produced entirely of natural components and are vegan.

Who is the mastermind behind it? Dr. Yoo, a Malaysian university. He founded Dr. Clo Malaysia and he is particularly interested in human creations’ top technology and ingenuity. He first began by sterilizing a steering wheel. Gradually through the process, he learned how bacteria operate in our environment and an idea came through. Dr. Yoo then created a nanotech-related controlled system, and then he began producing Dr. Clo. Operates as a human defense against harmful viruses.

For your information, Dr. Clo Malaysia contains chlorine dioxide. A safe substance that is also found in other disinfection products. The amount of it in these potent sticks is incredibly low.  Hence, sets them apart from others. This makes it suitable for children of all ages and also good for the elderly. The children’s immune systems are well-known to be very strong. That is how they can play in rain or in the backyard fearlessly. This does not imply that we may ignore their protection. It’s only that, as adults, we spend more time outside due to our work, demands, and other obligations, but with Dr. Clo Malaysia, you won’t have to be concerned any longer.

From commercial to personal use, Dr. Clo will fit all your needs. In public spaces, for example, the use of Dr. Clo will help to contain the air and filter it to make it safe. For in-house use like your small condo for example. You can place it anywhere open, and with its colorful options to choose from, do not worry about it being too stand out. Not just that, you can place it in your vehicle or any in your personal space. It could not get easier and safer with the help of Dr. Clo. …

Proganic herbs for liver
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The Benefits of Herbs You Didn’t Know

Several herbal medicine advocates recommend utilising herbs to improve the health of your liver, which is essential for removing toxins from your system. Furthermore, some study suggests that some herbs may aid in the treatment of liver diseases such as cirrhosis (liver scarring) or infections such as hepatitis B and hepatitis C. (causes of liver inflammation).

Thistle, Milk

According to a 2001 study, milk thistle may help patients with cirrhosis of the liver. Experts found that therapy with milk thistle might lead to a substantial decrease in liver-related mortality after analyzing five clinical studies (with a total of 602 cirrhosis patients).

A 2005 study examined numerous clinical studies with milk thistle in the healing of hepatitis B and C. Despite the fact that the scientists found no indication that milk thistle can help eliminate any kind of hepatitis virus, other study shows that milk thistle may help reduce inflammation linked with hepatitis C and safeguard liver cells from harm.


According to a 2000 animal research, burdock (a plant commonly used as a natural detox treatment) may assist protect liver cells from acetaminophen-induced harm. Scientists discovered that antioxidants in burdock may reduce the negative impacts of toxic compounds produced during the metabolism of acetaminophen in mouse experiments.

Other animal studies show that burdock may also help protect the liver from the effects of alcohol use.


According to exploratory study, turmeric may be beneficial in the management of hepatitis B and C. In a 2009 study on liver cells, for example, researchers observed that turmeric extract inhibited the replication of the hepatitis B virus. Meanwhile, a test-tube research published in 2010 found that turmeric extract may help limit the reproduction of the hepatitis C virus.

medicinal plants - The Benefits of Herbs You Didn't Know


So hot, so delicious, and so adaptable. Ginger has many health benefits, but when it comes to liver health, this root truly shines. Ginger’s anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties are widely acknowledged for their ability to cure and even prevent fatty liver disease. But it is only the beginning. Ginger can help safeguard the liver from the deterioration and injury caused by hepatic fibrosis. To top it all off, ginger-based therapies can be used to combat parasites found in human and animal livers.

Using Herbs to Treat Liver Disease

Due to a shortage of clinical research to substantiate their usage, neither turmeric nor burdock can be advised for the treatment of any form of liver illness at this time. Because scientific evidence for milk thistle’s liver-protective properties is weak, it is likewise premature to prescribe this plant as a primary therapy for liver disorders.

The American Liver Foundation recommends eating a nutritious diet, exercising occasionally, preserving a healthy weight, restricting your alcohol intake, controlling your cholesterol, and washing your hands often to improve your liver health on a daily basis (in order to prevent infection).

​Always keep in mind that the results of animal studies cannot be immediately applied to people. If you’re thinking about using herbs for liver health, make sure to check with your doctor first.

If you are an individual or corporation seeking Proganic herbs for liver symptoms, please checkout Hans Secrets for more!…