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First-Time Moms Nursing Essentials

Being a new mother in a few months? You must be quite busy looking for new mom essentials, isn’t it? Being a mother for the first time makes us want to splurge our money on everything that we need. Or at least we think we need it.

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This is particularly for nursing. Some of the things listed are important if you want to breastfeed your newborn baby. Let’s check out the list!

# 1 Breast pump

New mom should get a breast pump because for a few days after giving birth, you might experience sore breasts and nipples afterwards. Having a breast pump might help reduce the pain. Working mothers are also the ones who should get this. It is useful because you will get to prepare a few bottles of milk before you go out for work. Two types of pumps that you can choose are the manual pump and the electrical pump.

# 2 Milk storage container

This is for the pumped milk. You have to store the milk in a specific milk container to make sure the milk can last longer. There are few types that you can get such as the bottle type and bag type. It all depends on how you want to store it. It is also recommended for you to buy a small size milk container because usually, when you pump your breasts you will not get the milk in a large amount. Smaller size will avoid wasting the space for storage.

# 3 Nursing bras

Nursing bras are important especially when you are breastfeeding at places other than your house. Pick one size bigger than your pregnant bras because tight bras might sore your nipples and you don’t want that to happen. It is also more convenient because it usually has clips that you can easily open and reattach. Get bras that are not too loose and not too tight for your comfortability. It will also help to reduce pressure on your shoulder.

# 4 Breast pads

Breast pads are not a must-have but it is highly suggested. Nursing mothers sometimes will experience milk leakage so they need breast pads to avoid leakage on shirts. Again, you know your body. If you need it, go get it. It surely is a game changer for some. There are disposable and reusable breast pads from different brands that you can choose from. The disposable pads are usually thinner because they are made to be thrown away after use. The reusable pads are usually cotton and they last longer.

# 5 Cream for sore nipples

This is the thing that new mothers really need when breastfeeding. Your nipples might have cracked during labour and breastfeeding. It is normal and it hurts a lot. Sometimes it cracked and in the worst case, it bleeds. So, applying cream or lotion for sore nipples helps to reduce the pain and soothe the skin around your nipples.

# 6 Nursing pillow

Being a new mother will tire you a lot since you are still adapting with your new lifestyle. You will have back pain and sometimes sore arms due to holding the baby for too long. Having a nursing pillow helps a lot since it supports your body posture while nursing.

That’s it for moms’ essentials. These are all what you need but you can always add on anything that you want that helps to ease your day as a new mom. Make sure to get the best product for you and your baby. It will surely make your day much better.

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