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Productivity-Boosting Employee Motivation Strategies

The way we communicate with and connect with our employees has a big impact on their motivation and productivity. In this post, we’ll look at how to inspire teams and increase productivity using various psychological tactics and employee motivation strategies.

  1. Give prompt feedback

Active feedback approaches that are linked to individual and organisational achievement are well received by employees. People are drawn to short-term performance reviews because they allow for more quick correction and improvement than typical quarterly or annual assessments. Continuous performance feedback instils a stronger sense of investment in your organization’s goals in every employee and fosters long-term connections. Employees also value the ability to quickly repair faults and the ability to move forward to new opportunities to resume work on new assignments.

  1. Encourage flexibility in scheduling

Flexible work schedules and work arrangements lower infrastructure costs while increasing employee productivity. Many organisations are experimenting with flexible scheduling for some employees thanks to contemporary technology, which allows for part- or full-time telecommuting and remote working. Employees who are allowed to work remotely at least part-time are far more satisfied and motivated to be productive, according to several studies and real-life experiences.

Positive feelings and loyalty among employees are also boosted by a flexible management approach to personal and family scheduling needs.

  1. Encourage people to take breaks and engage in physical activity.

Another employee incentive strategy that improves performance and satisfaction at the same time is to provide regular short breaks throughout the day. Employees’ overall performance is often boosted when they are encouraged to take five or ten minutes every hour or so to move around the office or visit the break room for a snack. They’re also less likely to get distracted while working at their desks by their phones.

Employees who are able to exercise on a regular basis perform better. Supporting employees’ physical health enhances productivity, whether your organisation can give club-level training possibilities or merely encourages them to exercise during lunch breaks.

  1. Accomplishments should be rewarded.

Employees place a high value on acknowledgement at work, and studies suggest that most individuals prefer public recognition over any company present. Employees who see that praise is linked to promotions, incentives, and raises are more driven to meet fair recognition requirements. Employees who are recognised for objective accomplishment are more likely to be retained, miss work lesser, and perform better in terms of safety. Individual achievements that are linked to a company’s overarching mission and goals have a direct impact on organisational performance.

  1. Offer opportunities for professional and educational advancement

Employees are more loyal and committed to organisations that invest in their human capital. Covering some or all of an employee’s tuition and costs of educational possibilities, as well as participation in seminars or certification courses, shows that the company is committed to their long-term success. Employee loyalty and retention are linked with companies that make it a policy to promote from within whenever possible.

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