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Training Opportunity In Academy Of Family Medicine In Malaysia

Have you heard about family medicine before? It is possible that you might have heard about this term when going for your regular checkups at the hospital or clinic by your own family doctor. Family medicine is considered a medical specialist, and it is limited to a quota of candidates for admission every year. To pursue training at the academy of family medicine in Malaysia, you must first complete a medical degree and all the requirements needed before signing up for admission for training in family medicine. 

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What is family medicine?

As aforementioned, family medicine is a specialty medicine within primary care that focuses on comprehensive health care for individuals across age, diseases, genders, and parts of the body. To make it easier to understand, family medicine physicians are responsible for your health in general, and they are the ones who will do checkups and provide necessary diagnoses, to ensure your physical health is taken care of. 

Why pursue family medicine?

If you have completed your medical degree and are interested to undergo in-depth training in a specific field or role, you can consider applying for training as a family medicine physician, also known as a family doctor. Family medicine is also considered a front liner to your health, as they will be the one to inform and advise you on how you can care for your health. 

If you don’t already know, here are some benefits of becoming a family doctor:

  • Family doctors see patients throughout their life cycle. By becoming a family doctor and having patients assigned to you, you are able to keep this relationship you have with your patients for most of their life. What this means is, that you are quick to notice symptoms or health complications in your patients, as you now have access to their entire medical history. So if anything happens, patients are able to recognise health complications early, hence leading them to have better health. 
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  • Family doctors save patients and the healthcare industry money. If you decide to pursue family medicine, you as a family doctor will simultaneously save your patients money, as well as the healthcare industry money. How? By going through your patient’s medical history, and advise your patients on what they should look out for, should they encounter sudden health complications in the middle of their work. When this happens, the chances of these patients being rushed to the ER and undergoing emergency surgery is lessened, overall saving money on both ends. 
  • Family doctors make informed decisions. By pursuing this specific line of work, family doctors usually are able to diagnose and treat patients’ health complications, if any. However, if needed for further diagnosis and treatment, family doctors are able to refer patients to a specialist to complement patients and provide patients with a more detailed and specific diagnosis of the patient’s health conditions. 

Overall, pursuing family medicine can be challenging as it is considered a medical speacialty. However, if you are interested and passionate to be one, and have completed all prior requirements, then by all means, go for it.…