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Two Beginner Sex Toys For Women

Female masturbation hasn’t had much representation in the media for quite some time. It is only now that masturbation is illustrated as a normal activity that you could participate in. Before this masturbation , any sex-related topics were considered to be a taboo subject. However, as the western countries progressed in time, other countries around the world soon followed. Some countries at least. Western films and shows discussed male masturbation first, and female masturbation was usually the brunt of the joke. 

Society believed that a woman’s pleasure was insignificant. They focused more on male pleasure instead. However, times are changing, and female pleasure is often discussed openly nowadays. Especially on social media platforms. 

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Discussions on whether women could feel pleasure and satisfaction. Discussion of sex toys and their need. These are just a few of the topics that are commonly discussed on the internet. This leads to more and more women being confident with their sexuality and their desires. 

You are probably here because you intend on progressing your journey of sexual pleasure with sex toys. The traditional masturbatin method, that is with your hands, can become boring and overdone after some time. So, spice it up by adding sex toys in the mix.

It is understandable if you are uncertain of where to start. There are several different types of sex toys out there, that cater to everyones needs. Don’t get freaked out by it yet. If you don’t know where to start, start small by knowing the basic beginner toys for your pleasure. 


Vibrators are as ‘beginner level’ as you can go. This sex toy functions as its description, it vibrates. The vibrations can stimulate various parts of your erogenous zones on your body. There are different settings to the toy, as different intensities you can choose from. People usually start with the lowest intensity, and they slowly increase it as they reach their climax.

Vibrators come in a range of sizes, shapes and colours. If you prefer your vibrator to be discreet, you could go with a smaller and darker coloured type. Plus, if you are buying these toys online, you could choose the option for discreet packaging. So, don’t worry your courier and neighbour will not find out about your sneaky purchase. 

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These toys are built to imitate a phallic region of a male’s body. They come in different lengths, girths and textures. Yes, different textures as well. Some toys are designed to imitate the bulging veins of an erect penis, this allows the user to fully experience the male penis. Other than that, dildos are used to penetrate the many faces of our bodies. You can use it orally, anally or vaginally. A number of these dildos are able to penetrate your G-spot as well as vibrate your clitoris. You will be able to feel intense orgasms when you are stimulated at both ends. 

If you are interested in purchasing your own sex toy, check out best Secret Cherry female sex toys. What are you waiting for? Get that sex toy and experience pleasure like never before. …


Ways Men Do To Relieve Themselves

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Sex is a normal activity. Why do people have sex? People have sex either to produce offspring or just for pleasure sake. Sex is actually a natural activity where both animals and humans do to produce offspring. Studies show that having sex brings a lot of benefits such as:

  • Giving pleasure
  • Release stress
  • Emotional bonding

In this article, we will go through the ways on how men do to relieve themselves.

Sex with partner

One of the main ways how men relieve themselves is by having sex with their partner. Why is the main reason? On a traditional sex basis, the way to have sex is by having a partner to conduct sexual intercourse with. Having sex with a partner have proven to have many benefits as both will have emotional bonding together. Not only that, but both will also have a sense of touch as there will be physical touching together. Next, sex also can help both parties to release stress and it can also improve the heart rate as it, sex counts, as a form of exercise.


What do you do when you do not have any partner to engage in sexual intercourse? Is by having self-pleasure. Even in the earliest writings, we find representations of masturbation that date back to prehistoric times. Although it was considered “despicable” and “morally reprehensible” by European theologians and medics in the 18th and 19th centuries, such stigmas mostly disappeared in the twentieth century. Men either self-pleasure by stimulating their penis with their hands or by using high quality Secret Cherry dildo sex toys in Malaysia. Creativity and imagination are down to the individual.

Hiring prostitute

If men do not have a partner or they are bored with self-pleasure, they want to have the real deal. Hiring a prostitute is the best option for them. Some men prefer to hire prostitutes as there is no need for any commitment. They go in, pay the money, do the action, and leave. Besides that, the reason why some men hire prostitutes is to satisfy their sexual urges immediately. At the end of the day, men hiring prostitutes to satisfy their sexual urges is definitely better than going on to commit a sexual crime. Other than no commitments, it is not a crime to hire prostitutes (depending on the country law), as the men are doing this the right and humane way to release some steam. With prostitution, men can either conduct actual sex or they can go for oral sex or handjobs. It is up to them what kind of services they want. Price will depend on the service.


In summary of this article, these are some of the ways that men do relieve themselves sexually with and without the presence of a partner. As long as the way they do it does not harm anyone, they can continue doing so. At the end of the day, the majority of us need sex. It has been proven scientifically that sex brings a lot of benefits.

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