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academy of family medicine in Malaysia
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Training Opportunity In Academy Of Family Medicine In Malaysia

Have you heard about family medicine before? It is possible that you might have heard about this term when going for your regular checkups at the hospital or clinic by your own family doctor. Family medicine is considered a medical specialist, and it is limited to a quota of candidates for admission every year. To pursue training at the academy of family medicine in Malaysia, you must first complete a medical degree and all the requirements needed before signing up for admission for training in family medicine. 

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What is family medicine?

As aforementioned, family medicine is a specialty medicine within primary care that focuses on comprehensive health care for individuals across age, diseases, genders, and parts of the body. To make it easier to understand, family medicine physicians are responsible for your health in general, and they are the ones who will do checkups and provide necessary diagnoses, to ensure your physical health is taken care of. 

Why pursue family medicine?

If you have completed your medical degree and are interested to undergo in-depth training in a specific field or role, you can consider applying for training as a family medicine physician, also known as a family doctor. Family medicine is also considered a front liner to your health, as they will be the one to inform and advise you on how you can care for your health. 

If you don’t already know, here are some benefits of becoming a family doctor:

  • Family doctors see patients throughout their life cycle. By becoming a family doctor and having patients assigned to you, you are able to keep this relationship you have with your patients for most of their life. What this means is, that you are quick to notice symptoms or health complications in your patients, as you now have access to their entire medical history. So if anything happens, patients are able to recognise health complications early, hence leading them to have better health. 
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  • Family doctors save patients and the healthcare industry money. If you decide to pursue family medicine, you as a family doctor will simultaneously save your patients money, as well as the healthcare industry money. How? By going through your patient’s medical history, and advise your patients on what they should look out for, should they encounter sudden health complications in the middle of their work. When this happens, the chances of these patients being rushed to the ER and undergoing emergency surgery is lessened, overall saving money on both ends. 
  • Family doctors make informed decisions. By pursuing this specific line of work, family doctors usually are able to diagnose and treat patients’ health complications, if any. However, if needed for further diagnosis and treatment, family doctors are able to refer patients to a specialist to complement patients and provide patients with a more detailed and specific diagnosis of the patient’s health conditions. 

Overall, pursuing family medicine can be challenging as it is considered a medical speacialty. However, if you are interested and passionate to be one, and have completed all prior requirements, then by all means, go for it.…

Malaysia’s top baby products
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Benefits of Olive Oil for Babies

One of Malaysia’s top baby products right now is baby oil. With that in mind, baby oil has been used as a massage routine, healthcare, and hair care for babies for a while now. Additionally, massaging babies with olive oils and sunflower helps keep babies’ skin hydrated.

Olive Oil

Obtained by processing whole olives, olive oil is a fruit of a tree crop in the Mediterranean Basin called Olea Europea. 

The olive oil produced mechanically with no chemical treatment is known as virgin oil. 

Olive oil that is pure with no additive such as chemicals and temperature treatments is known as extra virgin oil. It must be extracted from olive trees that are free of diseases, harvested at a specific time, and processed immediately. 

Without further ado, let’s jump into the benefits of olive oil for babies. 

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Baby massage

To calm the baby, parents opt to massage them while improving their health, growth, and sleep. Furthermore, parents are also spending quality time with their babies.

  • Smoothen babies’ skin
  • Leave babies’ skin shiny and healthy
  • Oil possessed regenerative components which help in maintaining skin tones. 
  • Rich in healthy fats, phenolic anti-oxidant Vitamin E, squalene, and oleic acids which could help in strengthening the bone and muscle. 
  • Avoid olive oil if the baby’s skin is dry. 

Baby food

Once your baby has reached 6 months, it is encouraged to include olive oil in their diet due to its components in promoting heart and pancreas health. 

Keep in mind to only give a little amount – no more than ¼ teaspoon for two ounces of baby food. If given in a high amount, it could lead to diarrhea. 


Olive oil is one way to ease the baby’s stomach when it is going through constipation. Rub the warm olive oil onto their stomach in a clockwise motion. Additionally, rubbing olive oil onto the baby’s stomach helps prevent gas and helps the little one sleep better.

Cradle cap

The cradle cap is dry, and flaky skin layer is formed on the baby’s head. Olive oil can be the moisturizer for this problem. 

  • Apply the oil to the baby’s scalp.
  • Massage by using a washcloth or soft brush for 10 minutes.
  • Allow the oil to soak overnight if the crush is thick. 
  • Wash the baby’s scalp using mild shampoo and warm water.
  • Use a comb to remove the crust from the baby’s head. 

Diaper rash

Olive oil emulsion works wonders for babies to prevent diaper rash. The trick is to mix 2 tablespoons of olive oil with one tablespoon of water. Next, rub the emulsion in your palm and spread it gently over the baby’s diaper area. If the problem persists, contact a doctor.

Baby’s cough

When your baby is sick, breast milk is the nutrients they need. Apart from that, olive oil can help as well. 

  • Mix 3 – 4 teaspoons of olive oil along with 2 – 3 droplets of rosemary, eucalyptus, and peppermint oil. 
  • Massage the mixture onto the baby’s chest and back. 
  • Apply this before the baby’s bedtime to improve their sleep. 
maritronics4 - The Purpose of Ship Maintenance

The Purpose of Ship Maintenance

Ship maintenance is ship maintenance and repair activity carried out alone or by other parties, either during the operating period or outside the ship’s operational period, to maintain the ship’s feasibility so that it can operate optimally. Currently, ship owners are scheduling ship maintenance using a system called the Planned Maintenance System.

A planned Maintenance System is a paper or software-based system that allows ship owners or operators to carry out ship maintenance within a certain period based on the requirements of the manufacturer and ship classification agency.

The Purposes of Using the Planned Maintenance System include:

1. Ensure all ship maintenance is carried out at appropriate time intervals and according to the schedule created by the system.

2. To maintain and keep all machinery and components in good working order.

3. To avoid any disturbance when the ship is operating.

4. To minimize downtime from possible damage.

5. To provide clear boundaries between maintenance on board and land.

6. To improve the safety and reliability of the ship.

The ship’s maintenance is supervised by personnel on board, which are then recorded as inspection items for the ship’s periodic survey. Plans and schedules of ship maintenance are documented according to a system approved by the ship classification agency. A Planned Maintenance System or a Planned Maintenance System is currently mandatory following the ISM (International Safety Management) Code.

Software-based Planned Maintenance System is currently very developed, and various programs for ship maintenance appear more and more. Ship owners or operators can choose modules in the Planned Maintenance System software according to their needs. The current Planned Maintenance System program is not only about ship maintenance but also covers all needs on and off the ship.

The Planned Maintenance System program ship maintenance (maintenance) must meet the requirements of the ISM (International Safety Management) Code. The database must include all vital equipment on board, and all such equipment must have a clear maintenance plan. The ship classification agency gives special status to ships implementing the Planned Maintenance System correctly.

Surveys for onboard machinery are usually carried out concurrently with surveys carried out by classification bodies surveyors and based on the schedule given in the Continuous Machinery Survey. In addition, machining inspections are scheduled every five years to ensure the machining system is functioning correctly. The ship classification agency allows the use of the form created by the Planned Maintenance System for conducting surveys.

In general, the inspection of the Continuous Machinery Survey, except for the steering gear and pressure vessel, can be carried out by the Head of the Engine Room, based on the Planned Maintenance System work program.

The following are some of the requirements for the Head of the Engine Room in the Continuous Machinery Survey, including:

• Have a valid ATT II diploma

• Has experience as Head of Engine Room for ships with the same central engine for at least one year

There are several types of ship maintenance activities, including:

1. Planned Maintenance System

2. Maintenance to deal with Internal or External Audit

3. Maintenance to face inspection by Port State Control

4. Maintenance and repair following the Continuous Machinery Survey (CMS) determined by the ship classification board

5. Maintenance and repairs while the ship is docked

Looking for ship maintenance in Malaysia?…

visual hearings

All what you need to know about Virtual Hearings

Since the emergence of covid-19 pandemic, almost every access in closed buildings has been limited to a certain number of people to reduce the spread of covid 19. Since then, virtual hearings have been widely used in the court as it is easy to be done. But not so many people have heard about this as not everyone knows about the court or even attends it. Virtual hearings or audio-visual means the cases of the court are progressed through phone or video conferences, instead of the in-person hearings in the court. This means people involved in the cases do not need to attend the Court.

The implementation of virtual hearings really helps the court as the cases will not be delayed. Just imagine if the cases need to be delayed again and again just because people who were involved in that  case get covid-19, and this thing keeps repeatedly happening for every meeting court.  There were also some cases that needed to do hybrid virtual hearings in which some attend via virtual hearings, and the rest attend the court. This is to limit the number of people in the court, and it also can be done if there are people who cannot attend because of covid 19 or other bad situations. 

However, not all virtual hearings will go perfect as there were times when there were problems with the sound and the connection to the internet, and there were also times when these hearings were not possible because sides did not have the access, causing the cases to be postponed.

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Tips for All Hearing participants 

  1. Determine beforehand which device you will use to attend the hearing (computer, smartphone, or tablet). Ensure that your device’s camera and speakers are fully functional by trying to use it a few hours before the hearings. 
  2. Reduce as much background noise as you can, as well as any other potential distractions.You need to mute your microphone whenever you are not using it. In order to avoid sounds and notifications from the device that you are using, you should either put your phone on silent or close any other windows that are open on your computer screen. Doing so may also help the programme run more smoothly.
  3. Take into consideration any restrictions on the confidentiality of the information. If you want to keep the content of your conversations private, you should make sure that no one is around you. 
  4. During the hearing, you need to speak slowly and distinctly. It is possible that there will be a delay in your audio because of the internet connection or the microphone; therefore, you should take a moment both before and after you speak.


The COVID-19 pandemic crisis is something that the courts are not simply suffering through; rather, many of them are embracing the technologies and processes that are generally used in other sectors, both public and private. Courts are able to carry out their operations despite the difficult situations, and they are discovering that virtual processes are not only workable, but also has become increasingly advantageous. …