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Making The Best Out Of Your Small Condo

Who said small spaces cannot be transformed into our dream property? Small spaces, especially a small space of a condo can be an overwhelming task to decorate. But it is certainly not impossible. Imagine the number of possibilities you have with your condo! The color schemes, furniture, wallpaper, ornaments, textures and the list goes on. Some say it is a much simpler task to take care of a small condo, while others say it can be extremely complicated. 

Small spaced condos and studios tend to create a swamp of everything in our space. This is a slight nod to the complications of decorating your studio space. On the other hand, being small also means you can do a lot with minimal installations and additions. Many students and employees tend to live in small spaced condos in places like Cyberjaya and Putrajaya. The size certainly has not stopped many from adding their personality to the condo walls. People find it essential to have their condos speak their uniqueness, interests and preferences. Walking into a condo filled with antiques versus a condo with zero to no furniture can tell you a lot about the person living there. 

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So how can you make the best out of your small condo like many? It is not as difficult and expensive as many make it sound to be. The decorating is only as expensive as you make it out or want it to be. But the amazing perk of having a condo is you can save up on your budget because of the tiny space. So let’s take a look at some well thought tips on how to bring out the best in your condo, whether it is in cyberjaya or london!

Section Your Room 

The most difficult part about decorating a condo is the inability to divide and section your itty bitty condo.  When choosing to decorate your room or even rearranging your condo space, we should have well thought sections of the condo. The sections include where the bedroom is, where the living room is as well as where your little workout station is. Having differentiated sections gives you a better idea of how to decorate it. You can also section using things like temporary walls, room dividers and even bookshelves. 

Get Some Multi Functional Furniture 

Multi functional furniture can come a little handy in your condo space. Space is restricted and the last thing we need is enormous furniture that takes up all our space in the condo. Having a sofa that doubles as a bed, or having a table that also doubles as storage space or even a bed with storage space, can make all the difference in our small space. Making your condo spacious can be tricky but it is very much possible! 

Invest In Some Lighting 

Another easy task to transform your condo is getting some lights. Layer up on different lighting settings in your home to form illusions and make your condo feel spacious. Strategize layering of lighting is essential and it can also have a profound impact on our productivity in the condo. 

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